Wednesday, June 08, 2005

New SEO Blog from the Folks at OptiLink; Gambling Lawsuit

Optismarts is the new SEO blog from Optilink. I used Optilink a few times when I first started. I haven't used it lately, but it's a great software for doing link research and finding new link partners. So far the blog looks pretty good; I definitely like the style.

Not related to the previous paragraph, there's a class action lawsuit against Google, Yahoo, Overture,, et al regarding online gambling in California. You can read the article in the Las Vegas Sun and also read the actual text of the filing here. This lawsuit was not good news when it was filed, and it's bad news now that the courts have refused to dismiss it. I'll be sure to update the blog with additional info if and when I have it.

And a final note about weblog networks. There are two notable ones out there right now, WebLogs Inc and Weblog Empire. I have aspirations in this area too. (This little site being one of my own forays into the world of attempting to generate an income by blogging.)


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