Thursday, August 26, 2004

Affiliate Marketing Programs

Affiliate marketing programs pay webmasters commissions to promote their products on the internet. These affiliate marketing programs take care of the entire sales process--shipping, handling, payment processing, etc--the webmaster just refers the customer to the site. The affiliate webmaster's job is merely to send qualified traffic to the merchant.

The affiliate marketing programs blog was started because a lot of my friends have asked me to show them how to make money on the internet. The easiest way I know of to make money on the web is to send traffic to affiliate programs. I was an account manager at an affiliate marketing program for a large company for three years, and I know several affiliate webmasters who make a full time living from affiliate marketing programs. Now I'm one of those webmasters.

But I get a lot of questions from friends of mine about how to make money as an affiliate, how to get traffic, how to know if an affiliate marketing program is going to be a profitable one or not, etc. I hope to answer most of those questions for my friends here.

What I'm also going to do here is recommend and review different affiliate marketing programs. The most critical part of making money as an affiliate is choosing the right affiliate program. That's going to be a huge focus of future articles.

So thanks for dropping by, and please link to us and let us know if you're interested in exchanging links with us.


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