Wednesday, September 08, 2004

Wordtracker Review & Free Trial Offer

Affiliate Marketing Programs :: Wordtracker Review & Free Trial Offer

Today I'm going to review Wordtracker and recommend that you take advantage of their free trial offer. Wordtracker is a tool that will make your keyword research a breeze. You can take advantage of their free trial offer by clicking here.

Wordtracker is simply a database of keywords that searchers use when they're surfing the internet. When you enter a keyword, Wordtracker will provide you with data about how many searches are done for that keyword and data on how many other pages are competing for that keyword. The ideal situation is to find keywords which are searched for a lot but don't have a lot of competing pages.

That's where Wordtracker's KEI (keyword effectiveness index) comes in. It's a ratio comparing the popularity of the term with the competitiveness of the term. It's a numerical score, and once you get certain keywords within a certain score, you'll know where to focus your marketing efforts in the search engine.

Wordtracker will also provide you with suggestions for other keywords based on any keyword that you type in. For example, if you type in "golf", you'll get suggestions like "tee times", "tiger wood", and "golf clubs". (Among many 100 other suggestions.

Wordtracker also offers its own affiliate program which pays 15% of the lifetime revenue generated by your customers, and 5% of the lifetime revenue generated by any of your sub-affiliates' customers.

We recommend both Wordtracker and the Wordtracker affiliate program helpful. Please try Wordtracker's free trial offer, and consider signing up for their affiliate program through our link.

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