Wednesday, July 04, 2007

6 Directories Worth Submitting To

I saw a post today on a forum about whether a person's time would be better spent submitting their site to a list of 500 directories or building 10 pages of content. I think setting a goal of either/or in this situation is a little lacking in ambition, but I also think that most directories aren't worth submitting to. In my experience, here are some directories that ARE worth submitting to:

1-DMOZ - Lots of Internet pundits and SEO's saying that DMOZ is dead. They're dead wrong. A DMOZ listing is still a great ingredient to add to your optimization and backlink strategy. I've never seen so much hatred and nonsense written about a single website before. But at the end of the day, get the DMOZ listing if you can.

2- Yahoo - You'll occasionally see people who claim a Yahoo directory listing isn't worth $299 either. These people are also wrong. You definitely want to get yourself a Yahoo listing. In fact, that should usually be the 1st directory you submit to.

3- Aviva Directory - This directory just plain rocks, and that's all you can say about it. Unlike most directories, Aviva has a lot of genuine and well-written content available on their site too.

4- JoeAnt - This is a good directory with volunteer editing opportunities available. Worth checking out.

5- GoGuides - Another good, older directory. A submissions specialist there can add several sites per month, but there's a fee to become a specialist. Depends on whether you plan to do a lot of sites on a regular basis or not as to whether or not it's worth the fee.

6- Best of the Web - These guys have done a nice job, although I think they're overly restrictive with their blog directory requirements. I have a gambling blog which they won't list because it's not 6 months old. But my gambling blog has over 500 posts, and they're not miniposts either, but substantial, quality posts.

Most people are too link obsessed anyway. Build lots of quality content and you'll get links.

I'll post later about the insanity of the legions of webmasters who are now terrified of doing normal, old-fashioned link exchanges.


At 7:32 AM , Blogger Unknown said...

as all we know getting listed in DMOZ is a long and difficult process. hopefully they do some improvements in order to list people more faster. First step would be hiring more editors.

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At 11:54 PM , Blogger Unknown said...

Good quality post. I couldn't agree more on DMOZ. I have had a terrible time getting listed in there, but the payoff for 2 minutes of time is worth it if you get in. You may also want to try the regional posts on DMOZ. I have had more success with those.

At 4:20 PM , Blogger Unknown said...

You have written a great post. Yes, yahoo is definitely worth submitting to and the others, but when it comes to Dmoz, you may find that getting into it is near impossible.

It seems that Dmoz is either very slow or don't hardly approve submissions anymore. Since starting affiliate marketing over 7 years ago I have submitted around 4 sites to Dmoz and have never had one listed there. The last time I asked about my first site that I submitted it was still in the approval queue and that was around 4 years after I had actually submitted it.

John Davies
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At 7:15 AM , Blogger Randy Ray said...

Yeah, DMOZ is a volunteer edited directory, so if there isn't an active editor in the category you're looking at, then you might not get listed for a long time. The best thing to do is submit and then hope for the best and forget about it.

Or volunteer to edit, but you have to be interested in the project itself rather than just listing your own site.

At 8:34 PM , Blogger Antonio Cruz said...

I've read very little about DMOZ, I had no idea that a listing with them was so important.. I plan on doing more research on DMOZ and directories in general... as I am having quite a rough time getting traffic over to my blog.

At 12:55 PM , Blogger Marketers Co-Op said...

In the past I have found by building a site full of good information, my site would get mass amounts of links.

I never really use articles anymore, I'd raither build a good quality site.


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