Saturday, November 20, 2004

Leading Edge Cash Affiliate Program Review

Affiliate Marketing Programs :: Leading Edge Cash Affiliate Program Review

Leading Edge Cash is one of my favorite affiliate programs. Their program lets you choose from several different products to promote, most of which are herbal sexual aids and penis enhancement products. Leading Edge Cash offers a 30% - 50% commission on everything that's sold through any of their sites, and they offer lifetime commissions on their products. One feautre that's particularly attractive is their $100 signup bonus. Just for signing up with their program, you get a $100 signup bonus.

Leading Edge Cash offers the following products for a webmaster to promote:

  • VigRX - Most popular penis enhancement product on the market.
  • VigRX Oil - Topical oil that is meant to enhance erections and sexual pleasure.
  • Vigorelle - Cream product aimed at women to enhance their sexual pleasure and desitre.
  • MaxiDerm - Patch that is used to enhance erections.
  • Nexus Pheromone Concentrate - Men's cologne with pheromones added.
  • UltraHairAway - Lotion that eliminates unwanted body hair.
  • AttractWomenNow - eBook to help men seduce women.
  • GenF20 HGH - Human growth hormone releaser.
  • Chaser Pills - Hangover prevention pills.
  • Semenax - Herbal pill that increases sperm volume.
  • ProExtender - Another penis enhancement product.
  • estraVil- Aphrodisiac for women.

I'll admit that I've not personally tried any of their products, but I have marketed their products, and their conversion rates are outstanding. Apparently there is a tremendous demand for these types of products. Leading Edge Cash is a great way to tap into this demand. It's also not a super-competitive market yet, at least not for the keywords that I targeted when I was promoting their products.

Just as an FYI, over the last year I've sent them over 6000 clicks and made over $1600 with them. That's with a total of 52 sales, making my average commission per sale around $30 or so. They advertise that you can get up to 50% commissions provided that you're sending them enough volume, but I have been focused on other products lately and haven't promoted them at all recently.

I'm very impressed with the Leading Edge Cash tracking program and the residual commissions I've received since I stopped actively promoting them, and I have plans to begin promoting them again very soon.

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