Wednesday, July 06, 2005

GoogleGuy - An Impostor? Or the Real Deal?

Really odd discussion of whether or not GoogleGuy is for real. I'd always taken it for granted that GoogleGuy was the real thing because Webmaster World wouldn't put up with an impostor. As someone wiser than I am pointed out in the thread at Associate Programs, one of the reasons for Webmaster World's success is its editorial rigor. The thread eventually evolves into a discussion of who the web community is and who should Google really be serving anyway.

Eventually Phil Tanny launches into a rant about how webmasters ARE the internet community, and if it weren't for the content that we provide on the internet, Google would have no reason to exist. (By extension, GoogleGuy wouldn't need to exist either.)

I think what Tanny might be missing is that not all webmasters, in fact, most webmasters, are not providing content on the web, but are serving up advertising along with a hefty serving of spammy, bogus content designed to attract search engine spiders.


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