Monday, June 13, 2005

Lifetime Commission Affiliate Program Directory

Lifetime Commissions is a site run by Glennys Faulds, who is an associate of Allan Gardyne's. Glennys also runs Pay Per Click Search Engines, and Allan is well known for Associate Programs. Lifetime commissions is an interesting site because it's a directory of affiliate programs who pay commissions for the life of the customer. It's an interesting and good business model, especially if you're a big fan of ongoing revenue streams.

Lifetime Commissions includes an affiliate tutorial which is well thought out and well written by Allan himself. The directory of affiliate programs that pay lifetime commissions is organized by categories like autoresponders, education, dating, and domain names, to name a few. There's also a category for the top 3 programs, which are listed as Sitesell's Five Pillar Program, the Secrets to Their Success program, and

I'm only peripherally familiar with the first two programs, and I'm not at all familiar with the third program. BUT the 2nd program, Secrets to Their Success sounds really interesting to me as a customer and I might get a subscription to that one. According to the description at Lifetime Commissions, Secrets to Their Success includes archived interviews with mom and pop websites that earn over $100,000 a year through their web businesses. This is the kind of heavy content original website that earns money day-in and day-out on the web. I'll probably check it out and add a review of it here in a couple of days.

Heck--I might even sign up for their affiliate program. They pay $6 a month on all memberships you sign up as long as the membership is still active, which isn't bad.

On a slightly paranthetical note, I've promoted some dating affiliate programs and a couple of adult programs which were monthly-fee membership based that would be considered lifetime commission programs, and I liked promoting them. Most gambling affiliate programs are lifetime commission programs too if you opt to go for the monthly revenue share option instead of the CPA option.


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