Friday, June 30, 2006

Wicked Fire - - 10,000 Forum Posts in 6 Days

There's a new affiliate forum in town folks, and it's off to a big start. The site is called Wicked Fire, and as of this morning sometime, they're up to 10,000 posts and over 800 or so threads. What's impressive to me is how they managed to pull this off in just 6 days. (In contrast, my newly launched movie forum has only managed to generate about 8 members in the last month or so.)

But the brilliance of having an active forum isn't lost on me. It's a white-hat way of achieving a black hat goal: generating tons of content pages without having to write or publish every single page yourself. With an active forum, the users generate the content for you. A forum is even better than a blog in this regard, because in a blog, even when you generate a conversation, you have to start the ball rolling. With a forum, anyone and everyone can start the ball rolling.

Among some of the other gems I've found at are some links to great sites that got my imagination fired up, including:
  • Forum Trends - Which is all about running forums. Why have a blog network when you could own a forum network?
  • The Super Affiliate Marketing Blog - I'd seen Jon's affiliate marketing blog before, but like so many things you see on the web, it wasn't something I paid enough attention to. But anyone who can generate 10,000 posts on a forum in 6 days is someone worth paying attention to, in my opinion.
  • Hott for Teacher - This is one of the member's sites from WickedFire. It's bizarre, seemed funny at first, then just weirder as you start reading the stories of this really sad and sick women who are taking advantage of young people. This isn't a niche I'd approach to make money with, but who am I to say that someone shouldn't? (Besides that, the design kicks ass, IMO.)

Anyway, that's about it for now, but I'm planning to start blogging a little more heavily here. I'm starting to get the bug again, which I haven't had in quite a while.


At 6:58 PM , Blogger Unknown said...

Wicked Fire Forums Blows ***** LoL They Are So Stupid LoL. They Are Supposed To Be An Internet Marketing Forum Yet They Flame Every Person On The Website And Look At Dicks All Day. Thats Just Plain Stupid To Me. Also They Banned Me For “SPAMMING” I Posted 2 Threads A Day Apart With One Link In Each. Its Not My Fault That 50+ People Wanted To Keep Bumping It ROLF!!!!!


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