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How To Write 1000 Pages of Content

In my last post (Does Google penalize affiliate websites?) I mentioned content rich versus content poor websites. Having a website that's rich in useful content is going to be a long term, smart strategy for getting traffic to your affiliate website via search engine optimization. (If I wrote the post well at all, then I made that point, among other things.) I don't think a website is "real" until it reaches 100 pages anyway.

Here are some reasons why having lots of content is an effective content and traffic strategy:
  • Sites with multiple pages of real content are more useful to a single visitor.
  • Sites with multiple pages cover multiple subjects and are more useful to a wider range of visitors.
  • Sites that are useful to lots of people are the kinds of websites search engines must rank in order to stay in business.
  • Internal links matter toward your SEO. So the more pages you write, the more links you have pointing at your other pages. (A 1000 page website which links to your homepage from every page has created 1000 links. There is no better link building strategy than writing content for your site.)
  • Multiple pages of content give you the opportunity to present different kinds of advertising and see which types of content make you the most money.
Webmasters who want to know how to write 1000 pages of content are concerned about two things:
  1. How do I come up with 1000 topics about this subject to write about?
  2. How do I actually get those 1000 pages written?
How to come up with 1000 topics on any given subject
1000 football pages

I like to boil the subject of any website I write down to a single word if I can. For example, I launched a website about football last year. Then I take that single word or phrase and add modifiers to it in order to create subtopics. One example of three no-brainer subtopics related to football is how the teams are set up:
That leaves 996 pages of content needed. Two more big subcategories I can think of really quickly are professional football and college football. (And if I wanted to, I could also use high school football as a subcategory.) But that still leaves me with 994 pages of content needed.

That's easy though, because I can subcategorize the category of professional football into 32 teams and give each team its own page. That only leaves me needing 962 more pages of content. (So I have a page about the Dallas Cowboys, a page about the Washington Redskins, a page about the Miami Dolphins, and so on.)

But I can also create a page of content about every college football team in the country. I haven't even started that list yet, but there are 119 college football teams I could write about too. (And finding a list of college football teams was as easy as doing a Google search for "how many college football teams in the USA".)

But that still leaves 843 pages of content needed. It seems like I haven't even scratched the surface.

But each of those subtopics have subtopics of their own. For example, I like to promote posters. So I've also created 32 pages (one for each NFL football team) for the posters that are available for each team. So I've got a hub page for NFL posters, and then pages for Baltimore Ravens posters, Chicago Bears posters, and Detroit Lions posters. Now we're down to 811 pages of content needed.

Another no-brainer subtopic for NFL teams is individual football players. We haven't gotten around to adding that content either, but each NFL team has 53 players on its roster. 53 X 32 teams = 1696 players. Bingo. Now we've got enough content ideas to build a 1000 page site (1885 pages actually). And we never once had to use a keyword research tool to come up with ideas for the pages. Those are all just topics and subtopics.

And a site about football could be expanded beyond that even. We could also write profiles of famous retired football players (likeTroy Aikman or Tony Dorsett). We could write about fantasy football. In fact, a lot of those subtopics might even generate 1000 page content sites all their own.

Finding affiliate programs to promote on a website about a particular sport is simplicity itself too. I already pointed out posters as one possibly applicable revenue stream. Here are some more ideas, off the top of my head:
  • Google Adsense
  • Ticket broker affiliate programs
  • Travel affiliate programs (Hotel rooms during the Superbowl are insanely priced - I'll take 5% of that action any day.)
  • Sports memorabilia affiliate programs
But what if you don't want to write about a sport? What if you want to launch a real moneymaker of a site? Suppose you want to focus on products?

1000 pages about satellite tv

Heck, that's even easier. Take the satellite tv dish niche as an example. How do you get 1000 pages of content out of that?

As far as I'm concerned, that one is even easier. Two words.

Go local.

Build pages that focus around the names of locations + "cable tv" or "satellite tv". There are 50 states in the USA. That leaves you with 950 pages to come up with.

Luckily each state has at least 19 cities in it you could write about. (There are actually a lot more than that.) Now you've got your 1000 pages.

But you can't write quality unique content about satellite dishes in 1000 different locations? Actually, I think you probably can with a little bit of effort. First of all, you provide directory listings with the names and addresses of the local cable companies in the area. Then you provide a price and feature comparison that you've researched for each location. Sometimes the cable company might be providing a better deal than the satellite dish people, but at least you're driving traffic. And if you use a combination of Google Adsense and affiliate advertising, you'll still make money. Finally, provide some insight into what kind of local television programming is available in a particular area. The top 20 or so cities in each state surely offer programming aimed directly at the viewers in their area.

What are you interested in?

If you're one of those blessed souls who wants to create a website about a subject just because you're interested in it, you can still come up with 1000 pages. Suppose you're a huge fan of the tv show Lost. Can you come up with 1000 pages of content about that show? I can.
  • A page about every character ever featured on the show.
  • A page about every actor who ever appeared on the show.
  • A page about every writer who ever wrote for the show.
  • A page about every episode of the show.
  • A page about every novel based on the show.
  • A page about the video game based on the tv show.
  • Reviews of other sites about Lost.
  • Pages about the special features and commentaries on the DVD.
Like Conan the Barbarian? Use the same thing - write a page about everything related to it. Harry Potter? Go for it. Buffy? It's been done, but maybe you can do it better.


Writing 1000 pages of content for a website about movies would be so easy that it would be almost painful. Just review every movie you've ever seen. Write profiles of directors and screenwriters you like. Build a directory of movie theaters organized by location. Visit them and write unique reviews. Ask your readers to submit their reviews of movie theaters they've visited.

You can monetize your movie site with Amazon links, eBay links, Netflix links, Blockbuster links, and AllPosters links.

How to find the time to write 1000 pages of content

Finding the time to write 1000 pages of content is the easiest part of the whole exercise. All you need is one of two things:
  • A year
  • Help
If you're willing to work on a site for a year, then you only need to write 4 pages of content 5 days a week for 50 weeks in order to have 1000 pages of content on your site. If you plan on having about 500 words per page, that's an achievable goal.

The other option is to get help writing your site content. You can do that by paying a writer. College students work cheap, and they produce better writing than the folks at Elance. Or you can get people to help write your content free by launching a forum. Every page of content on a forum counts too.

Whether or not your site needs 1000 pages of content is for you to decide. None of my sites have 1000 pages yet. But I think that 1000 pages is a worthwhile goal. I know it's a profitable goal, although it's more profitable in some niches than in others.


At 9:22 AM , Blogger Mitch said...

I can't imagine writing 1,000 pages for any of my sites, but I always shoot for at least 100, then work on writing more. It's freaky to imagine the time it would take to create that much content; ouch!

At 2:52 AM , Blogger Unknown said...


I agree to what you said about writing a thousand pages for a particular topic, but then, the number of pages largely depends on the topic that you are dealing with. If it is an extremely niche topic, you can't expect to write 1000 pages for it. In fact in such cases, you must try to present your facts through flash or You-tubes and just have little content to support your topic.


At 12:02 AM , Blogger Nathaniel Atkins said...

I agree with both of the posts, I personally cannot imagine writing 1000 pages of content for any niche, I would probably sooner outsource a good chunk of that, but I guess if you really have a passion for the topic then it would be a whole lot easier.

Now I will say that I have done certain focused niches that really aren't big enough to get even 25 pages of content from.

At 12:49 PM , Blogger Unknown said...

I have recently started working on a poker blog, it's not that i'm struggling for content, but still getting into a routine where i am posting regularly, but still finding time to keep reading, other blogs, forums, and books etc. Not even going to try and start getting links until i have a substantial amount of posts. Your blogs are a great help and motivator.

At 4:15 PM , Blogger Amy McFarland - Champions Inner Circle said...

Randy all I can say is WOW, this is simple and straight forward and yet I have never come across this in such a way that it is doable, yes very much doable!

This is the perfect solution to many that are new to marketing to get their sites indexed and monetized effectively.

At 11:10 PM , Blogger Dave Chapple said...

Some great suggestions on how to find content - you make it sound very easy.
I'll be rethinking my approach to getting good content ideas from now on, thanks


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