Tuesday, September 28, 2004

All About Google Adsense

Affiliate Marketing Programs :: All About Google Adsense

Google Adsense is the easiest way to generate significant amounts of revenue from any website. Google gives you a script to paste into your website which will analyze the keywords on your site and then display related ads to your readers. You'll receive a share of the revenue Google receives from its advertisers for each click. (Google doesn't define the exact percentage.)

Google Adsense is available for any English language website. Sites dealing with porn, gambling, and online pharmacies are not eligible and will not be accepted. You are also not allowed to put Adsense up on a site with the sole purpose of driving revenue through Adsense. i.e. Your site must actually have some kind of purpose other than getting people to click on ads.

Sites that work best with Google are content based sites with a lot of traffic. You'll make more money with Google Adsense by placing the Google ads in a prominent place on your site, and it's always a good idea to experiment with the color schemes and sizes.

Here are some useful links where you can learn more about Google Adsense:

One final important thing to remember: it's clearly stated in Google's terms and conditions that you are not allowed to talk about how much money you make with Google Adsense. You want to be very careful not to get banned from their program.

Wednesday, September 08, 2004

Wordtracker Review & Free Trial Offer

Affiliate Marketing Programs :: Wordtracker Review & Free Trial Offer

Today I'm going to review Wordtracker and recommend that you take advantage of their free trial offer. Wordtracker is a tool that will make your keyword research a breeze. You can take advantage of their free trial offer by clicking here.

Wordtracker is simply a database of keywords that searchers use when they're surfing the internet. When you enter a keyword, Wordtracker will provide you with data about how many searches are done for that keyword and data on how many other pages are competing for that keyword. The ideal situation is to find keywords which are searched for a lot but don't have a lot of competing pages.

That's where Wordtracker's KEI (keyword effectiveness index) comes in. It's a ratio comparing the popularity of the term with the competitiveness of the term. It's a numerical score, and once you get certain keywords within a certain score, you'll know where to focus your marketing efforts in the search engine.

Wordtracker will also provide you with suggestions for other keywords based on any keyword that you type in. For example, if you type in "golf", you'll get suggestions like "tee times", "tiger wood", and "golf clubs". (Among many 100 other suggestions.

Wordtracker also offers its own affiliate program which pays 15% of the lifetime revenue generated by your customers, and 5% of the lifetime revenue generated by any of your sub-affiliates' customers.

We recommend both Wordtracker and the Wordtracker affiliate program helpful. Please try Wordtracker's free trial offer, and consider signing up for their affiliate program through our link.

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Monday, September 06, 2004

Party Poker Affiliate Program Review

Affiliate Marketing Programs :: Party Poker Affiliate Program Review

My favorite affiliate program right now is the Party Poker program. In this review I'll explain why. The Party Poker affiliate program is my #2 revenue producer each month, and my revenue there grows monthly on a consistent basis. Player retention is great, largely because Party Poker is the world's largest online poker site. The bigger the poker site, the easier it is to retain players.

The poker market grew sixfold in 2003. This trend puts the Party Poker affiliate program at the top of my programs to promote. Poker is more popular than online casinos now, which makes it an extremely competitive market to compete in, but if you're an internet marketing warrior, you'll probably welcome the challenge.

The Party Poker affiliate program account managers have been terrific. They have monthly contests where you can earn bonuses in addition to your standard commission, and they usually involve nothing more than signing up more players than you did the month prior.

The commission program at Party Poker is excellent two. Like Golden Palace, they offer two plans--a CPA plan or a rev share plan. The difference is that you can promote both at the same time if you want to. All you have to do is determine which plan you want to get played under when you set up your tracking links.

Party Poker's CPA is between $65 and $75, depending on how many players you sign up each month. The rev share is between 20% and 25% of the revenue generated by the player. (A poker room makes its money by taking a percentage of each pot. This is called a rake. With the Party Poker affiliate program's rev share plan, you get 20% to 25% of your players' contributions to the rake.) We recommend the rev share plan because poker players are generally loyal and will play for a long time. And if they're good players, they'll contribute a lot to the rake.

I like promoting Party Poker because I make money even when my players are winning. This isn't true of most online casino affiliate programs.

The Party Poker affiliate program is a multi level program too, so be sure to sign up using our link. Anyone else who has experiences with the Party Poker affiliate marketing program should feel free to comment.

Click here to sign up for the Party Poker affiliate program.

Saturday, September 04, 2004

Casinoblasters Affiliate Program Review

Affiliate Marketing Programs :: Casinoblasters Affiliate Program Review

The Casinoblasters affiliate program is my #1 program, and it has consistently made me more money than any other affiliate program I've promoted. As a Casinoblasters affiliate, I've enjoyed personal customer service from some of the best affiliate managers in the business (Yes--I'm talking about you Fred...). I've also enjoyed their high commission percentages.

Casinoblasters offers two options for getting paid through their affiliate program--a revenue share program and a CPA program. We recommend the rev share opportunity over the CPA opportunity.

The Casinoblasters rev share opportunity is excellent. Your first month you earn 50% of all revenue generated from the players you refer. Every month after that you earn 36%. I've personally had players deposit over $10,000 at a time, so you figure 36% of that, and you're making pretty good money. In the casino business, players who drop that kind of money are called "whales". I've promoted over a dozen casino affiliate programs now, and so far, Casinoblasters has produced and converted and retained more whales for me than any other program.

Casinoblasters's CPA deal is also good. They pay between $100 and $250 per depositing player, based on how many depositing players you sign up through your affiliate link. I recommend the rev share program over the CPA program because my average player has been worth almost $300 to me over the last year. The advantage to the CPA program is that you never have to worry about a big player winning and wiping out your commissions each month.

The Casinoblasters affiliate program is multi-level,and goes ten levels deep. This isn't very clear on their affiliate sign up page, but I've confirmed and re-confirmed this with my account manager there. So if you sign up as a Casinoblasters affiliate through my link, I'll get an override commission on any of the action your players bring too. And if you refer another webmaster, you'll get an override and so will I.

The Casinoblasters stats package is realtime and excellent. You can set up multiple profiles for tracking purposes, and they offer game specific landing pages. Game specific landing pages increase conversions. And when you pay for all your traffic, like I do, then you want your conversions to be as high as possible.

Casinoblasters also features what I think is probably the most famous online casino, Golden Palace. They also offer four other casinos, Aspinalls, 24kt Gold Casino, Flamingo Casino, and Grand Online Casino. But I've found that the name recognition for Golden Palace makes it a top converter.

Another feature of the Casinoblasters affiliate program is that they offer multiple language versions of their sites and they have different currencies available, so you can truly market their casinos all over the world.

The best thing about the Casinoblasters affiliate program is the personal service and the account management team. I've never sent them an email that didn't get replied to almost immediately. I get paid early every month--earlier than just about any other casino affiliate program that I've promoted. I recommend using Neteller for your payments, by the way. You get your money two or three weeks earlier that way.

Casinoblasters has really earned my highest recommendation. Feel free to ask me any questions about my experiences with them or their program.

Click here to sign up for the Casinoblasters affiliate program now.