Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Tremendous Adsense Success

Affiliate Marketing Programs :: Tremendous Adsense Success

There's an article about Google in the latest issue of Fortune magazine which describes a young man who is making over $5000 a month with his website. The full article is only available to Fortune subscribers, but the details on the young man making big money with Adsense is on the preview page here.

The young man is named Jon Gales, and he runs a website devoted to mobile phones at According to Fortune magazine, he's getting 200,000 visitors per month to his site. Google has strict rules about discussing Adsense revenue with others if you're a member of the program, so I'll refrain from commenting and just post a link to the article at Fortune and let you draw your own conclusions. I will say this though--it's an inspiring story.

It's people like Jon Gales, who are actually succeeding on the internet, that inspire me to continue working to build traffic and content to my websites. We're living in a time when there is an almost unlimited amount of opportunity to make money. I'd rather live now, during the information age, than I would have liked to have lived during the gold rush.

Frankly there are more people getting rich now. Quietly communicating with others online, and quietly getting rich.


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