Thursday, July 07, 2005

Affiliate Marketing and Blog Networks

Been reading about blog networks a lot lately, and I'm pretty intrigued by the potential of marketing affiliate products through blog networks. I'm sure that's probably not the model that Nick Denton and Jason Calacanis had in mind when they launched their blog networks. From what I read on Wired, Nick Denton is famous for applying regular media advertising philosophy to blogs by starting what is essentially a constantly-updated magazine or newspaper on the internet that sells advertising and is themed.

I've been familiar with Jason Calacanis's blog network for a long time now, and I guess he makes a good percentage of his income from Google Adsense, but it looks like what Calacanis has in volume, Denton has in quality and panache on his blog network. After spending a little time at Gawker and some of the other blogs in that network, I come away thinking wow, I could be doing so much better. I could be writing so much better stuff, and I could be running websites that are so much better than they actually are.

And maybe I will. I have a few blogs of my own these days, because I like to keep my writing focused on certain themes in a blog, and so suddently I've wound up with a blog network of my own, although they're all written by me instead of by professional writers. I guess since I make my living from what I write on the internet, I'm a bit of a professional writer myself now though too.


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