Saturday, December 17, 2005

Britney Spears - How Many Ways Can You Spell Britney Spears?

Sometimes I get interested in what phrases on the internet get a lot of search traffic. I'm toying with the idea of launching some kind of site that focuses on nothing but extremely high-volume search terms, somethine along the lines of my own personal Zeitgeist site.

Today I was checking out the Lycos 50, then taking a look at some of the sites in the search results at Google for searches on those hot terms, and I came across an interesting SERP from Google. I did a search for Britney Spears, and one of the results was a page from Google showing all the different misspellings of Britney Spears name that they had seen in the last couple of months.

Could someone use this page to develop a keyword list that could be used to drive traffic to Adult FriendFinder or MrSkin's affiliate program, for example? I think they could.


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