Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Keeping up with All of the Blogging

I'm constantly amazed at the dedication that other bloggers demonstrate. Doesn't matter what kind of blog it is either. I was reminded of this when I was looking at Problogger's network of blogs on different subjects. Here's a guy who's got blogs up and running on a wide variety of subjects, some of which are extremely lucrative, and some of which probably don't get high dollar ads but have so much traffic that even low-priced ads add up pretty quickly. (Like the Jessica Simpson blog he's running. That one in particular caught my eye because of the post about the "best cleavage" poll.)

If you read my blogs on a regular basis, well...actually, no one reads any of my blogs on a regular basis because I don't publish to them on a regular basis. I think there's room in the world for bloggers who post fewer than 4 times a day to 20 different blogs.


At 6:41 PM , Blogger Darren said...

thanks for the link - just to clear up a technicality - it's not actually my blog (the Jessica one) but someone elses on the network (ie two others blog there as well).



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