Thursday, November 03, 2005

An Example of an Affiliate Niche Site

People talk about niches and niche marketing all the time these days, but I think the best way to learn about something is by example. This site, online slots, is an example of a niche gambling site. Someone could take "gambling" as the topic, and design an entire site around that subject, but the site would be large, and it would be very hard to rank for the phrase "gambling" or even "online gambling". AND it wouldn't necessarily even be that profitable, because people searching for something that general could want anything ranging from information about gambling laws to help with a compulsive gambling issue.

"Online slots" on the other hand is pretty doggone specific. Someone searching for online slots isn't interested in Charles Fey and the history of the slot machine. That person is probably not an antique slot machine collector either. So by choosing a niche keyword, you're driving targeted traffic that will have a high chance of converting into revenue for you.

Wheel of Fortune slots online is an even narrower niche, because now you're targeting a person who wants to play a specific slot game online. I don't think in this case that you could design an entire site around online wheel of fortune slot machines, but there are sub-niches of "online slots" and "online slot machines" that you COULD build an entire site around.

You could very easily design a site that reviews specific slot games from specific online casino softwares. For example, Microgaming slots are very popular, and so are Playtech slot machine games. Either one of those could be considered a sub-niche of "online slots" that you could build a decent-sized site around, one that would have plenty of pages of content.

What kind of niches or sub-niches can you think of?


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