Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Joel Comm Adsense Ebook Review - Google Adsense Secrets

I'm never sure what to expect when I buy and read a new ebook. Sometimes I come across something so completely crappy that I'm just horrified that I gave my money to the author. And sometimes I think holy crap I wish I had written that, or something half as good. Most of the time I just yawn and think that I wish I had the work ethic required to actually put together something mediocre and do the work required to make the money from it.

But the other night, after reading The Lazy Pig, which was dreadful, I decided to pick up a copy of Joel Comm's Google Adsense ebook, Adsense Secrets, and I was pleasantly surprised and filled with ideas after reading it. I'll admit (and I think Joel Comm would also admit) that much of this information is now readily available in various blogs and forums about marketing now, BUT he puts the info together in an interesting way, and in a way that makes you want to actually go implement it.

His explanations of the Google Adsense program and how it works are clear and appropriate for any complete neophyte, but the real value from the book comes from the case studies and the example websites he shares. So many ebooks provide terrible examples that you would be foolish to follow, and they don't share any of their legitimate websites for fear of creating additional competition. Comm's Adsense ebook is refreshingly different in this respect, and he shares his own URL's and several other people's URL's. And all of the examples have done beautiful jobs of integrating Google Adsense with their own content.

Joel Comm is the real deal by the way. He was behind a website called, which later was purchased by Yahoo and became Yahoo Games.


At 3:29 PM , Blogger Mr. E said...

Hey Randy...thanks for mentioning Joel Comm's connection to Yahoo Games. That's an awesome bit of history I'd forgotten about.

And you're right. He's the real deal. He gave me half of his breakfast this morning and you can snag it on eBay right now for 10 cents. Go to eBay and search "joel comm".


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