Friday, June 30, 2006

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GoGuides is one of the best directories on the Internet to get a backlink from. Not only is it relatively affordable compared to some of the other directories online, but the listings of other websites there are generally of a pretty good quality, which is exactly the kind of listings you want alongside your listing. (Getting listed in a directory full of crappy sites is exactly the kind of listing you want to avoid. My strong suspicion is that search engines believe the old adage about "birds of a feather".)

About is actually a continuation of the now-dead Go network from Disney, which was an earlier volunteer edited directory. It's not as good a quality link as you might be receiveing from DMOZ or Yahoo, but it's still a good solid link from a reputable source, and it's probably one of the few directories that's going to stick around for quite a while, IMO.

There are a couple of different ways to submit your site to The easiest way for someone who only runs one site and who just wants to submit and move on is to pay the $69.95 review fee and submit the site. The editors at GoGuides normally turn around a submission fairly quickly, within a day or less, in my experience. You won't see that kind of turnaround time at most other directories.

Submission Specialists at GoGuides

Another option is to become a GoGuides submissions specialist. This membership has 3 levels at 3 different price points:
  • VIP for $19.95 per month allows you to submit 5 websites per month.
  • Junior Membership for $29.95 per month allows you to submit 10 websites per month.
  • Senior Members for $39.95 per month allows you to submit 20 websites per month.

These programs are designed to help website specialists and SEO's offer service to their clients for less money.

Free GoGuides Submissions

I am a submissions specialist at, and if you're interested in a listing there, please contact me. I'll submit your site for free if you'll provide a link back to my blog, as long as I have any submissions left that month.

More Information About GoGuides on the Web

You can read more articles about GoGuides on the Internet. A couple of the sites worth taking a look at include:

No matter what the topic of your affiliate website, a few good directory listings are good to have. GoGuides is definitely one to consider. Other good directories to look at can be found here: DMOZ Directories. (God bless those DMOZ guys btw; you can always find good stuff over there.)


At 11:14 AM , Blogger OFTWD said...

Great Information. I will look into those websites as well. Thanks.

At 9:27 AM , Blogger Loan Modification said...

Hey Randy,
Does your offer still stand on a free GoGuides submission in exchange for a link?

At 1:09 AM , Blogger Andy Fling said...

Hi Randy,
Are you still up for trading links for a free GoGuides submission? I can link to you from


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