Saturday, January 08, 2005

Casino & Gambling Affiliate Programs

Affiliate Marketing :: Casino Gambling Affiliate Programs

Gambling affiliate programs and online casinos are incredibly profitable for the rare webmaster who can keep up in such a competitive industry. Poker is one of the hottest and most-searched for terms on the internet, and the online gambling industry is growing incredibly rapidly in all niches, in spite of the Department of Justice's attempts to discourage advertisers for that market in the USA. The online casino gambling market worldwide will generate more than $10 billion in revenue. You don't have to tap into a big percentage of that revenue to make a good living.

Most casinos associate programs pay the affiliate a percentage of player losses, but they often pay on a CPA basis also. Most gambling webmasters prefer the revenue share model though, because the occasional casino whale will sign up and spend $10,000 or more per month wagering. With an average payout of 35% or so, that means you can have customer values of $3500 or more. It's hard to justify even a $250 CPA when you have the potential to make that kind of money from a single customer.

I know casino and gambling affiliates who make over $100k+ a month in commisions, so the money's good in this industry. Super affiliates in this sector get perks like trips and gifts like cars from their merchant partners. But it's also an industry with risks, not the least of which is a zealous American justice department who interpret the Wire Act as applying to the internet. It's also extremely competitive--in fact, probably the only more competitive industries an affiliate could promote would be adult affiliate programs or pharmacy affiliate programs. (It's your responsibility to consult with your legal advisor and analyze the legal risks for yourself before embarking on this or any other internet business venture. I encourage everyone to obey applicable laws in their jurisdiction.)

The casino webmaster industry is very active online, and have a number of associations and communities. The most active forum for gambling webmasters is at Casino Affiliate Programs. The Gambling Portal Webmaster Association also carries on discussion of the industry, and the Association of Professional Casino Webmasters keeps any eye on their member casinos. The Casino Affiliate Convention is always well-attended and a lot of fun, although I haven't been to the Amsterdam show, just the Vegas one. If you do decide that this sector is the one for you, these are good places to get support from other webmasters in the industry.

Recommended Casino and Gambling Affiliate Programs

This is the top notch top shelf best casino gambling affiliate program I've found. Definitely go with the revenue share opportunity over the CPA. Be sure to tell Fred I said hi.

Party Poker
Party Poker is the most popular poker room on the net, and I think it has one of the best affiliate programs to go with it. Definitely check it out.


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