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Pay per lead affiliate programs are a big hit with affiliate marketers and getting bigger. The way a pay-per-lead partner model works is that the referring webmaster gets a bounty every time a customer takes an action that turns him into a lead. These types of programs often convert at much higher percentages than revenue share programs or pay per sale program do, simply because the customer doesn't usually have to spend any money for you to get your commission. (Anytime someone has to pay for something, the lower the percentage of actions compared to clicks.)

One of my favorite examples of this kind of program is the University of Phoenix. They pay $17 every time someone fills out the form on their website asking for more information about their online degree programs. If you're able to get some targeted traffic to your website who are interested in online education and getting their degree over the internet, then you can probably convert almost 10% of the clicks you send over to the University of Phoenix, and maybe even more.

I know some webmasters who promote pay per lead programs exclusively. They love the high conversions, and they make good money at it. Having talked with them about how much money they're making, I'm tempted to promote those types of program exclusively myself too, but I still haven't taken the plunge.

Commission Junction offers a lot of pay per lead programs. I definitely recommend checking them out there. Just sort the listings in the "Get Links" section by cost per lead, and try to promote something that:
  1. Is appropriate for your traffic.
  2. Pays a high dollar amount per lead.
  3. Has a high EPC for both the last 3 months and the last 7 days.


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