Monday, January 03, 2005

The Hypertracker Affiliate Program

Affiliate Marketing Programs :: Hypertracker Affiliate Program

Testing and measuring are the two keys to success on the internet when it comes to marketing. (Those are actually the two keys to success to offline marketing too.) Hypertracker is a software that simplifies and enhances your ability to track and measure the results of your ad campaigns. You can learn from the Hypertracker software exactly which ads on which places are productive for you. And once you know this, you can make the important adjustments that are necessary to profit on the internet. But it's not just a cool product; it's also a cool affiliate program to promote.

The Hypertracker affiliate program is a two tiered program that pays lifetime commissions on the customers you refer. The top tier pays 30% and the 2nd tier pays 10%, for as long as your referral continues to pay the monthly fee for the service. Their average payout at the 30% level is about $39, and the average 2nd tier payout is $13 per sale. Their minimum payout requirement is that you've earned no less than $50. The product is marketed through a slightly larger affiliate network called Implix.

Implix offers several other products besides Hypertracker that you can promote. These products include:
  • - An autoresponder program that's very well known and has been around since 1998.
  • WebsiteWizard - An online website builder for people who are just beginners and are looking to get started on the internet.
  • EbookGold - Ebook creation software for people who want to create and promote their own ebooks.
  • Bizmint - Expired domain software program. People love to get their hands on great priced expired domains, which are often worth a fortune.
  • DynamiteCovers - Allows you to add three dimensional virtual covers to the items on your website.

The 30%/10% plan applies to all the programs above, as well as to the Hypertracker associate program. The best part of the program is that you get paid commissions for the life of the customer. That's true residual income right there. Most of their products rebill periodically, either monthly, quarterly, twice a year, or annually, and as long as they keep billing the customer, you keep receiving your commission.


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