Monday, January 03, 2005

Top Ten Affiliate Programs

Affiliate Marketing Programs :: Top Ten Affiliate Programs

Top ten lists are pretty popular on the internet these days, and I'm going to participate in the trend by listing what I think are the top ten affiliate programs. I might change my mind about some of the programs listed here, but right now, I think every single one of these programs is top notch and worth promoting.

  1. Casinoblasters - I reviewed them at great length, but they are IMO one of the top moneymaking opportunities on the internet, and they're very well-run. I recommend the rev share rather than the CPA deal.
  2. Party Poker - Another program I've reviewed, and another extremely profitable, well-run program. The poker industry is very competitive right now, so it's not for the faint of heart. But if you're willing to do the work, you can make some outstanding money promoting Party Poker. I recommend the rev share rather than the CPA deal.
  3. Leading Edge Cash - Another subject of a review on this blog, this outfit is top notch. Great commision percentages and good management here. Lots of support available, including a forum for webmasters promoting their products.
  4. Google Adsense - What can I say about Google Adsense? It's a no-brainer: get paid per click when someone sees an appropriate ad and decides to check it out. And guess what? They're all appropriate ads.
  5. eBay - I didn't believe the stories about the eBay super affiliates making six figures in a month until I decided to try promoting their program via PPC on Google Adwords. Now I'm a believer. eBay is one of the most interesting things to happen on the internet, and their commission program and revenue sharing opportunity is fascinating and more importantly profitable.
  6. Big Church - This is a niche dating site targeting Christians. It's not extremely competitive yet, and you can probably rank pretty high for 'big church', 'bigchurch', and 'big' since there aren't a lot of people targeting those phrases. But my experience with them was that they converted their traffic VERY well.
  7. University of Phoenix - Who hasn't heard of the University of Phoenix online degree program? Their associates program is one of those great programs that offer to pay you even though your customer hasn't spent any money--you get $17 every time someone fills out a form requesting additional information about their online degree programs. If someone only partially fills out the form, you still get $11. Not a bad deal at all.
  8. VMC Satellite - The satellite industry is competitive and tough to get traffic for, but man the commissions are great when you land a sale. VMC Satellite was recommended to me by a good friend of mine, and since it's a two tier program, I'm now in his downline.
  9. Household Finance Corporation - Mortgages are big money. These guys are one of the top programs in Commission Junction, based on their EPC figures.
  10. - The largest dating program on the net. This is such a big niche that if you could tap into 1/10 of 1% of the niche, you'd never have to work again.

The problem with top ten lists is that they're so subjective. I've seen dozens of affiliate marketing websites listing what they think are their top ten associate programs, and almost all of them offer a completely different list than the others. Not that this is a bad thing. The point is that depending on what you're interested in, and depending on what kind of product you're interested in selling, almost any marketing program can make you money.

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