Sunday, January 09, 2005

My Goals as an Affiliate Marketer in 2005

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I've taken a cue from James Martell and decided to launch 100 websites this year (this blog counts as one of them) and have between 50 and 200 pages of unique, quality content on each site. My goal is to imitate the master and average $500 each month in revenue from each site.

I've broken this goal down into steps. Or at least I've started to. In order to launch 100 websites in a year, I need to launch 2 websites each week. I have about a dozen sites already, so really I've got some fudge factor already built in, so if I fall behind, I should still come pretty close to hitting my goal.

I've been working really hard over the last few days to make sure there's plenty of content on this site in particular. Last time I checked I have about 25 articles posted here, all of which are completely original, and all of which were written by me. I hope you'll find something useful here on this site, and I hope that you will share this site with others by adding a link to your website.

If you have any feedback, or any questions, or suggestions for topics here, please email me and let me know, and I'll do my best to accommodate you.


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