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Two Tier Affiliate Programs - 2 Tiered Associate Programs

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A two tiered affiliate program is one that pays commissions on your sub-affiliates' sales as well as your own. Which means you can become an active recruiter for an affiliate program, and eventually make a full time living from your 2nd tier affiliate webmasters, provided your recruite enough of them, and provided that they perform well for the merchant. Sometimes the second level commission will be a percentage of sales, and sometimes the second level payout will be a percentage of the sub-affiliate's commission. The percentage of your sub-affiliates' sales is usually the better arrangement.

Some affiliate programs offer multiple tiers. The Casinoblasters program pays 10 levels deep, and the deeper you go, the lower your percentage is on the subaffiliate's sales. Theoretically there could be a program that went infinite layers deep, but that's not a practical possibility, since eventually the original affiliate's percentage would become too small to matter.

Gambling and dating programs commonly offer multi-tier affiliate programs, and some information products offer additional tiers. I've personally never made much money promoting info products like ebooks, but I can confirm that a webmaster really can make money recruiting sub-affiliates in both the gambling and the dating webmaster sectors. Since 1% of all affiliates make up 90% or more of all affiliate sales, you pretty much won't make any significant money from your sub-affiliates until you've signed up at least 100 of them. And I do know one casino webmaster who has signed up over 1000 sub-affiliates with one program, and still only makes a few $100 each month from his downline. So it's not nearly as profitable as becoming a super-affiliate yourself.

Recommended Two Tiered Affiliate Programs

Friend Finder
One of the premier dating affiliate networks online, they pay 10% of your referred webmasters' commissions back to you in exchanging for signing up sub-affiliates.

The top shelf gambling affiliate program pays you 10% on your sub-affiliates' customers' revenue, and 5% of any of their sub-affiliates' revenue. This is the best multi-tiered affiliate program that I have found.

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