Friday, January 21, 2005

Work from Home and Make Money with Affiliate Programs

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You can work from home and make enormous amounts of money with affiliate marketing programs. I believe this because I've done it. I currently make over $5000 a month promoting affiliate marketing programs, and you can make money the same way. Working from home is fun, relaxing, and it beats all hell out of the rat race.

There are literally hundreds of very real opportunities to generate enormous amounts of cash online promoting brand name products to people who are searching for those products. You can earn your current income or more marketing these products, and you can make those dollars in half the time you spend in your current rat race job. Like I said, I know, because I've done it. All it takes is a little bit of education, a little bit of research, and a little bit of work.

Online shopping is big and getting bigger all the time. Take advantage of it. Affiliate programs will pay you a percentage of all the sales you refer to them, just for getting the traffic to their doorstep. Some affiliate programs will pay you just for the traffic, while others will only pay you if the traffic actually takes an action, or they might pay you a percentage of what they make when the customer buys. Either way, if you can get the search engine traffic to the merchant's site, you're in business.

I got started by investing in some ebooks on the subject, and learned an 8 step process that James Martell teaches. I also learned how to drive traffic directly to a merchant through Google Adwords by reading Chris Carpenter's Google Cash. And I haven't taken advantage of all of the information contained inside it yet, but Strike It Niche! is packed with 70 blueprints for online businesses in niches that have little competition and big earning potential.

Affiliate Marketing eBooks I Recommend
  • Affiliate Marketer's Handbook by James Martell - Learn James Martell's 8-step blueprint for success with affiliate programs! (This is a complete "game plan" for affiliate marketers, and it's the best resource on the subject. It's worth every penny of the price.)
  • Strike It Niche! by Michael Holland - Michael spent six months doing research and the result is a book comprised of 70 niche markets in 13 categories that get tons of targeted traffic, but have unbelievably low competition. Michael took this information and organized it into 70 easy-to-use blueprints that give you the complete details on how to start your affiliate marketing business easily and confidently.
  • Google Cash by Chris Carpenter - This is the definitive guide to making $1000's promoting affiliate programs through Google Adwords. This is the first ebook I read on affiliate marketing, and I've continued to use the lessons I learned in this book throughout my affiliate career.


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