Monday, July 11, 2005

Digging Adbrite

I've bought ads on Adbrite but I haven't actually run any Adbrite ads on my sites yet. I was pretty pleased and excited about the whole operation though, from the very first time I visited the site.

What I liked most about buying ads on Adbrite was the search and browsing functionality. You can find websites to advertise with a variety of criteria: subject matter, ad type, traffic, Alexa ranking, CPC, and price. The ordering process was easy and my ads went live when they were supposed to. The amount of traffic that was advertised was very similar to the amount of traffic that I received.

I don't know how Adbrite compares with Google Adsense from a publisher perspective, but from an advertiser perspective, they're a pretty doggone good deal, especially if you're advertising for one of the more profitable industries where it's hard to buy advertising, like online gambling.

Another cool fact about Adbrite: The company was founded by the owner of, so that he could get some advertising revenue from that site.


At 6:52 PM , Blogger amwso said...

Biggest issue I am finding with Adbrite is the loading speed. They load a lot slower than Adsense and impact the loading of the page. Might just be my sites but I'm seeing this on Blogger too.


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