Sunday, August 28, 2005

How to Get Ideas for Smaller, Less Competitive Affiliate Niches

One way to get ideas for smaller and less competitive affiliate niches is to take a look at one of the info products available on the subject. I haven't used Niche Database, but it looks like a good place to look for ideas. Another infoproduct that is available is Niche Site Confessions, which I recently reviewed. It lists 70 different blueprints for niche sites that you can put together.

I think the real value in products like that is not so much for the niche ideas that you get from the product itself, but in learning what process the author went through to get those ideas. It's the whole feed a man a fish or teach a man how to fish thing.

But even a competitive niche can be broken down into less competitive sub-niches.

For example, loans. A page on "loans" would be extremely competitive and not very targeted. A page on "car loans" would be a little more targeted, and possibly a little less competitive. A page on "car loans for people with bad credit" is more targeted and less competitive still. And a page on "dallas car loans for people with bad credit" is better still.

loans > car loans > bad credit card loan > dallas bad credit car loans

Or you could apply the loan-thinking to a different product. Car loans is going to be competitive, but are motorcycle financing loans and boat financing loans as competitive? Probably not.

Are they lucrative? Absolutely.


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