Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Strike It Niche Review

Strike it Niche is an ebook from Michael Holland that provides 70 blueprints for online businesses, all of which could be affiliate websites. The idea behind the ebook was that Michael would collect 70 high demand but low competition niches for an aspiring affiliate webmaster to target. This ebook was originally released in 2003, so I'm not entirely sure that the information is still as good as it was when the ebook was new - surely by now quite a few people have grabbed some of these niches and started dominating them?

Strike It Niche is made up of 70 "business blueprints" in 13 different categories. Some of these categories included:
  • Home & Garden
  • Sports, Recreation, & Hobbies
  • Food & Cooking

And some of the business blueprints included:

  • Kitchens
  • Cheerleading
  • Love Poems & Quotes

All the business blueprints are laid out in the same manner. They all include:

  • An overview which is usually a paragraph describing the niche.
  • A list of root keywords, or generic keywords for a given topic. You can use these to do some of your own keyword research.
  • Profitable keywords in that niche. There were about 15 keywords for each niche, all of which had been researched at the time of writing for supply vs. demand.
  • Affiliate programs. This part was pretty helpful, since a lot of times finding an affiliate program for a niche can be a bear.
  • More ideas for making money. This part was good too. Affiliate marketing is only one revenue stream for a website, and sometimes we're so focused on affiliate marketing that we don't diversify like we should. Every single blueprint had ideas for other revenue streams.

Strike It Niche also includes a 10 point action plan, which is not as detailed as the action plan presented in James Martell's Affiliate Marketing Handbook, but that wasn't the purpose of the book. And the action plan is a reasonable way of breaking the process down into do-able chunks.

There is also a really quick primer on search engine optimization, which mostly covers the basics. Since the information is so basic, most of it still holds true, although a few of the comments are seriously out-dated. But this isn't a book about search engine marketing specifically; it's a book about business blueprints.

What I Liked About Strike It Niche

I've been re-reading this ebook in order to write the review of it, and there is a lot to like about this product:
  • At $47, Strike It Niche is a lot more affordable than other ebooks about affiliate marketing and making money on the internet. (Rich Jerk, which I'll review either later today or tomorrow, was $97, and provides FAR less useful information.)
  • The information in this ebook is solid and useful. You could immediately sit down with one of the business blueprints in Strike It Niche and start a website and possibly even make money with it.
  • The book reveals by demonstration how to think about setting up an online niche business. You can apply his thought processes to your own niches and come up with your own business blueprints.

What I Think Could Improve Strike It Niche

  • Regular updates of some kind would be nice. One of the brilliant things about Aaron Wall's ebook on SEO is that it is constantly being updated, both in the copy itself, and in Aaron's excellent blog. Strike It Niche could benefit from similar updates. A blog with a new business blueprint every week would be a huge value add.
  • The section at the beginning about how to navigate the ebook was just padding. It took 13 pages to get into the actual content of the ebook.

Overall, I would say that Strike It Niche is definitely one of the better ebooks on the market for aspiring internet marketers. As a project for this blog, I'm going to take one of the business blueprints from this ebook and do a case study on it, and track the results here. I'll post more details about that tomorrow.

But the price was reasonable, and the information was useful. That's more than I can say about most ebooks I've bought. I don't promote Strike It Niche as an affiliate, because I no longer include affiliate links in my ebook reviews. I think they destroy the credibility of a review. So here's where you can go to buy a copy of the ebook: Strike It Niche

If the ebook helps you make more money on the internet, and you read it because of my recommendation, then you'll possibly become a regular reader here. Which is a lot better for me than a quick commission on an ebook anyway.


At 1:15 PM , Blogger Michael Holland said...

Hi Randy,

Thanks for the fair and impartial review of Strike It Niche!. It's good to see that people still recognize its value.

But I have some bad news and good news for you and your readers. I will be pulling Strike It Niche! from the market very soon. But it won't be for the reason of updating it. The vast majority of the niches still have solid room for making a great income online.

Instead, the information in the book will probably morph into something else(under the domain name) based on some ideas I have and from discussions I've had with a few of my marketing buddies. But, I'm not sure when the "something else" will occur because I'm about to launch a new niche marketing product.

This should happen within the next 30-60 days. So pleased stay tuned. Those who purchased Strike It Niche! will be thrilled and those who didn't will be kicking themselves.

Wishing you all the best,

Michael Holland

At 7:39 PM , Blogger Randy Ray said...


Thanks for coming by and sharing the update with us.


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