Saturday, August 27, 2005

The "Top Ten Widgets" Affiliate Website Model

There's a type of affiliate website that's so common that it's almost trite and overlooked, and that's the "top ten widgets" affiliate website. Basically the way it work is that you launch a website that lists the "top ten" products in a certain category. You of course use affiliate links to drive revenue on the site, and you could theoretically also use Google Adsense or Adbrite to drive additional revenue.

My belief is that this model is trite and overlooked because it works. I don't think you'd see as many sites in the top tiers of both Google Adwords and Overture if they weren't profitable. I think the trick is making a list of ten really good products that convert really well and have high commissions available.

One thing that I think is difficult when launching this kind of site is SEO. One factor that I'm convinced almost all search engines take into account is the number of affiliate links on your homepage. If you've got 10 affiliate links on your top ten widgets homepage, then I think you're going to be at a disadvantage in organic rankings.

My feeling is that "top ten widget review" sites work best using PPC traffic.

And in keeping with the "top ten" theme, here's a list of the top ten widgets you could review and sell on your affiliate site if you wanted to try this model.
  1. Top ten online poker rooms
  2. Top ten online universities
  3. Top ten credit card offers
  4. Top ten credit repair options
  5. Top ten online dating sites
  6. Top ten web hosting providers
  7. Top ten pay per click engines
  8. Top ten payday loans
  9. Top ten online dvd rental sites
  10. Top ten internet service providers

Another thing that I think would be important in running a site like this is making sure that the site looks credible. Anything you can do to make your site look more professional and high-quality than your competitiors' sites is going to help you succeed. This includes things like professional and attractive layout, contact us information, and privacy policy information.

I don't currently run a "top ten widget reviews" site, but I don't doubt that it's a profitable model. I've run sites similar to that in the past, and I see sites like this all over the PPC engines, so I'm convinced it's a workable model.


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