Saturday, August 27, 2005

Problogger's Blog and Affiliate Tips

10 Tips for Using Affiliate Links in Your Blog

I added Problogger to my bookmarks in My Yahoo after coming across this article. Obviously I run a couple of blogs, and I use some affiliate links in them, but I'm always looking for new ideas and new ways to monetize them. I've made it a point to stop putting affiliate links in my posts on this particular blog because I'm more interested in developing reputation and mindshare here than I am in making a quick buck. So I want to make sure that what's written here isn't questioned because of possible commercial motives.

Tip #8 "Be Transparent" was possibly the best tip in the article about using affiliate links in blogs. This, to me, is one of the best marketing strategies of all time. Just let people know what you're up to. No need to hide anything. They're either going to support you or they're not. And you can sleep better at night too.

I'll be reading through 31 Days to a Better Blog soon too. Maybe I'll be able to make this into a "better blog".


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