Sunday, August 28, 2005

Longtail Terms - Examples

As I'm reading more and doing more eBay affiliate research, I came across a site that had made their referral logs available. Here are some longtail terms with very little competition I found:
  • White Lawn Tractor LT185
  • "Civil War Union currency"
  • craftsman model 315.113860
  • DishNetwork Rom3 Rev372 Blue Card

The last phrase had over 300 results in Google. The other phrases on that list had less than 100, and 1 of them had less than 20 results in Google.

So you're probably thinking how much money am I going to make from people searching for "civil war union currency"? The fact is, not much. But if you make 5 cents per click or so through a combination of eBay plus Adsense, and you get 1 click per month, then you've made a nickel.

But suppose you had 100,000 of those phrases? And you got 1 click per month per phrase? At a nickel a click, you've just made yourself $5000. I know a lot of people who don't make that much money working a full time job in management at major corporations.


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