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Frontpage Templates for Affiliate Webmasters

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Frontpage templates make being an affiliate webmaster SO much easier. These templates eliminate the need for you to know how to design a website, and using Frontpage to edit them eliminates the need for you to know a lot of complicated html. Affiliate webmasters who aren't using templates are probably much better html programmers and web designers than I am, and that's a fact. If you've read James Martell's Affiliate Marketers Handbook, then you'll know that he agrees with me on the importance of this.

If you don't already know, Frontpage is what they call a WYSIWIG editor for websites and webpages. WYSIWIG stands for "what you see is what you get". It works very similarly to Microsoft Word, only you're able to publish the finished product to the web. But unless you're a lot better at design than I am, anything you try to create will fall short of what a professional template designer is going to be able to produce for you.

A template is basically a blank "shell" or "design" for a website. You'll still write the content (or have someone else write it for you, which I'm a big fan of by the way.) But you'll only need to cut and paste the content into the template, and make some minor modifications to some of the fields in the template, and your design work is finished.

You can find free templates by doing a search on Google, but often you get what you pay for. And I've yet to see a single free Frontpage template that was specifically designed for affiliate marketing purposes. The resulting additional amount of work involved in customizing these free templates isn't worth the minor amount of money you'll end up saving by not purchasing a professionally designed template that's specifically designed to promote affiliate products.

Some Recommended Frontpage Template Resources
  • Golden Pinecone - This is the Frontpage template design company that James Martell currently recommends, and I can definitely see why. Their templates are beautiful, affordable, and they offer a tremendous variety of templates to choose from.
  • Colligan Web Store - These guys offer everything you can imagine that's related to Frontpage, including templates and tutorials. And if you're a Dreamweaver user, they also offer templates for you. They offer so many different web-related products that it's almost confusing--definitely worth checking out.


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