Saturday, January 22, 2005

Web Hosting - You Need to Buy It, and You Need to Promote It

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Web hosting is something every webmaster has to have, because without it, you don't have a website. Free web hosts normally have major drawbacks, usually massive amounts of advertising. I don't recommend using any kind of free website hosting option. I do recommend hosting your website with a reputable and stable company.

I also recommend considering promoting web hosting affiliate programs. Web hosting is one of the biggest opportunities on the internet today, and most web host affiliate programs offer massive commission amounts. Like most other high income niche markets, the webhosting market is extremely competitive. In fact, it's just about as competitive as the gambling niche or the pharmacy niche, so be ready for a long hard battle if you're going to try to make money promoting hosting.

Recommended Web Hosts

iPowerWeb - These guys offer one of the most powerful and most affordable web hosting solutions online. They have packages starting at $7.95 a month with free set-up. - Lunar Pages responds personally to your website hosting needs. With experience serving over 70,000 websites, Lunar Pages know what they're doing. Packages start at $7.95 a month.

Globat - This testimonial says it all: "99.999% uptime is no exaggeration." That's EXACTLY the kind of uptime you need when you're trying to make a living online. They often offer some really amazing prices and specials too.


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