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Work from Home and Make Money with Affiliate Programs
You can work from home and make enormous amounts of money with affiliate marketing programs. I believe this because I've done it. I currently make over $5000 a month promoting affiliate marketing programs, and you can make money the same way. Working from home is fun, relaxing, and it beats all hell out of the rat race.

Frontpage Templates
Frontpage templates make being an affiliate webmaster SO much easier. These templates eliminate the need for you to know how to design a website, and using Frontpage to edit them eliminates the need for you to know a lot of complicated html.

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James Martell's Methods and Yahoo
In James Martell's Affiliate Handbook, he mentions that he focuses on optimizing almost exclusively for Google, since they get the bulk of search engine traffic. But there's been a little bit of controversy lately about some of James's sites being penalized by Google. My personal suspicion is that his sites were excessively cross-linked, and some of them might have had duplicated content. But one of the things I have noticed is that the Martell sites are doing very well in Yahoo.

Search Engine Affiliate Programs
A lot of pay per click search engines offer affiliate programs, and websearch is definitely one of the growing trends on the internet, so this sector is worth a look at. In this article I'm going to look at a couple of different pay per click search engine affiliate programs and describe how their payouts to affiliates work. They're listed in the order in which I recommend the programs.

Two Tier Affiliate Programs - 2 Tiered Affiliate Programs
A two tiered affiliate program is one that pays commissions on your sub-affiliates' sales as well as your own. Which means you can become an active recruiter for an affiliate program, and eventually make a full time living from your 2nd tier affiliate webmasters, provided your recruite enough of them, and provided that they perform well for the merchant.

Casino and Gambling Affiliate Programs
Gambling affiliate programs and online casinos are incredibly profitable for the rare webmaster who can keep up in such a competitive industry. Poker is one of the hottest and most-searched for terms on the internet, and the online gambling industry is growing incredibly rapidly in all niches, in spite of the Department of Justice's attempts to discourage advertisers for that market in the USA.

An Affiliate Dictionary - Common Web Terms and Their Definitions
When I first got involved with affiliate marketing, I was baffled by the number of new terms and acronyms in the industry. The jargon was overwhelming, but my boss, who had a lot more experience with affiliations and revenue share programs, was patient enough to define terms for me as they came up. Now I'm passing on some of those definitions to you. Enjoy.

eBay Affiliate Program Review
The eBay affiliate program is one of the biggest and most popular programs online. eBay will pay you between $12 and $30 per active registration you send them. You get a higher dollar amount per active registration based on your monthly volume, which is not unusual with a lot of programs.

Pay Per Lead Affiliate Programs
Pay per lead affiliate programs are a big hit with affiliate marketers and getting bigger. The way a pay-per-lead partner model works is that the referring webmaster gets a bounty every time a customer takes an action that turns him into a lead.

Pay Per Click Affiliate Programs
A pay per click program is a program where you get paid every time someone clicks on an ad on your website. It's not as common an affiliate model as pay per lead, pay per sale, or rev share.

James Martell's Manual for Affiliate Marketers
James Martell's guide to affiliate marketing is the masterpiece on the subject.

Increase Your Google Adsense Revenue
When I think about improving the earnings I get through Google's Adsense program, I think of something I read that Jay Abraham had written: there are only three ways to make more money in any business. You can talk to more potential customers, close a higher percentage of those leads, and you can sell a bigger ticket to those people who do buy from you.


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