Saturday, June 04, 2005

Ken Evoy, Sitesell, and Site Build It

Ken Evoy is the marketing guru behind Site Build It, which is a remarkably hyped and marketed tool for beginning affiliate webmasters to build their own affiliate site. If you're someone who doesn't know html or Frontpage, and you're not sure how to get started, then Site Build It is designed to take all the hard technical work out of the equation through you. Ken Evoy offers a whole range of tools in order to help an affiliate marketer make the most out of her Site Build It website.

Site Build It includes keyword research tools, brainstorming tools, on-page SEO tools, and site-building and hosting tools. The idea behind the Ken Evoy's Site Build It affiliate plan is actually pretty simple, and you don't necessarily need the tool in order to achieve success as an affiliate marketer. James Martell's system works too, and traditional content website design and for that matter blogging will also do the job. But the plan for SBI works like this:

You brainstorm things that you're interested in and might be able to write content about. You then research keywords. Then research affiliate programs related to your keywords. You write your content, then paste it into the Site Built It tool and publish your site to the web. You pay attention to the results you're getting, and then make changes to your strategy based on those results.

I've not personally used Site Built It, and I'm not one of Ken Evoy's affiliates. But I have watched the Site Build It fourm at Associate Programs, and I've seen several example sites. Based on everything I've seen, Site Built It is a product that I would like to try for myself at some point. The only drawback I've seen is that most SBI sites have similar looks and feels, although that's a minor point. After all, most blogs have similar looks and feels, but people still write them, and they still do well.

Site Build It offers an affiliate program that's highly recommended, but I'm trying to minimize the actual number of products that I'm promoting here in the blog, and trying to focus on providing well thought out content that's useful to people. The monetization will happen almost by itself, I think.


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