Monday, June 06, 2005

Google Search Result Quality Evaluators

This post should be required reading for any webmaster who wants to receive Google traffic over the next few years. It pretty clearly describes in detail what Google search quality evaluators are looking for in a website when determining whether or not it's a quality website. Of course, if you stop to think about it, most of the criteria are common sense and unremarkable: create quality content that adds value to the web experience of the user.

Perhaps the most remarkable thing about that concept is that so few webmasters are actually willing to do such a thing. The web is full of low-quality sites full of banner advertising and affiliate links without any original content. I've often said that in the long run, the health and well-being of the web are what's at stake when you launch 1000's of spammy pages. If you destroy the internet user's experience by providing tons of advertising with no useful content, then you'll eventually destroy that entire marketing channel.


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