Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Graywolf's Google Adsense Resources

In the "I wish I had though of it first department" today, I bring you Graywolf's list of blogs, forums, and other Google Adsense resources.

This is a short post, but a high value post. (But I would like to point out that conventional affiliate marketing wisdom tells you NOT to send your traffic away from your site unless you're sending them to a vendor.) This post is high value because the list of Adsense resources over at Graywolf's site will help you make more money. And I'll tell you how.

Becaues sometimes only 1 distinction, 1 insight, can change the amount of money you're making by several thousands of dollars. The more places you have to look for those distinctions, the better off you are.

And as far as defying conventional wisdom goes, I do it sometimes just out of orneriness, but mostly because, in this case, sending people to good quality resources will encourage them to bookmark and return to this site, so they can see what other good resources I link to. (There's a moneymaking lesson in that insight too.)


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